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We promised you new aspects of Krafties, and this is an addition we’re extremely excited about: GUILDS! Gather your friends and family to form guilds and work together to earn personal accomplishments and group achievements!


Achievements, you say? The new guild achievement system adds a new layer to Krafties game play. Every new day, week, and month you and your guild will work together to earn special achievements for the corresponding time period. Guild "weeks" reset on Mondays."Months" are calendar months. Once earned, these achievements give everyone in the guild special in-game perks. Some give you extra experience for each soul or item you craft. Others boost your active experience from combat and healing. Others yet will give you extra energy, special guild gifts which can contain a variety of things, and more!


Within the app you will see actions and events for all your individual guild members in the Activity Feed, and can communicate with and congratulate them with the built in guild chat or private messaging features! We hope that this system brings Krafties players closer together, and creates tight knit communities within the game.

You can only be in one guild at a time, and can only join by invite, so choose your guild wisely!

In order to use the guild system you’ll need to acquire a new Necessity Pack v4.4.

We cant wait to see you all teaming up and forming guilds, so send out those invites and have fun!

Transfer locked items and NPC shops[edit]

An update by Krafties was in November of 2018 when the transfer locked items were changed a little:

Transfer locked items can now be used for trades in the NPC pop-up shops! The trades will deduct from your transfer-locked stash first, and then move on to your transferrable items if more are required to complete the trade. As of now, the items that result from these trades are all able to be transferred (and we hope we can keep it that way) but changes may be required during the monitoring and evaluation phase of this addition.

Well most of this page was created in July of 2015 and most of what was written is still valid, some changes have been made and it is out of Alpha and skipped Beta maybe but 3 main changes should be noted. First there's a threshold you must meet when creating or joining a guild before members begin to receive bonuses and guild gifts and healing benefits, that being you must have at least 6 members and above to qualify otherwise the things you craft and the pets you level do not count towards daily guild tasks. The approach most guild members is to build a guild to 6 and STOP recruiting as the more you have, usually on differing schedules, the harder it is to get everyone to finish their daily chores for the guild, it's a lot easier to get 6 members to do all the daily tasks then it is to get a dozen to do the same especially in a timely manner. The number of chores can be small or large depending upon the guild but generally require a daily commitment. The secondary main consideration is that the crafting and and healing bonuses when achieved, come with the trainer when they lead crafts with other non guild members as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that the items received from the guild gifts aside from the unbondeds are transfer locked so they can only be used by the original owner who worked for and achieved the tasks to win the gifts.

In general guilds brings people together to both craft and help one another with their pets as they train them, along the way getting bonuses for their efforts working as a team.

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Developer’s Notes[edit]

This has taken a LOT of work [months and months] and introduces many changes to the code base, as well as adding an entirely new server type which allows us to push real time data to open apps. It will be continually changed and added to as time goes on, but we’re confident that it’s ready to be tested on a large scale.

This new server type is extremely exciting, and is also the most worrisome aspect of this addition. Once we have it functioning perfectly with the guild system, though, it means we can add lots of new things. Things like real-time game wide events, stable app-to-app player interactions (think more interactive battles, terrain exploration with your friends, etc.), important notices, and infinitely more! It’s what I personally think is the beginning of a very exciting future.


  • Activity Feed displays recent activities of guild members, such as when they craft items.
  • Guild Achievements which display goals your members can reach daily, weekly and monthly
  • Members list shows who are in the guild with you
  • Guild Chat allows you to chat with other guild members
  • Messages allows you to chat directly with individual guild members