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There are three Official groups, which means they are managed by Krafties within Second Life.

Krafties Official Chat Rules
  • Keep it General/PG, just like the Krafties Island
  • Read the rules of each group for more information
  • Keep it Krafties related

Krafties Official[edit]

Logo big.png

Krafties Official


Official Krafties MMORPG Group The new groundbreaking fantasy pet RPG is here and it's BIG!
Official Website -
To file a support ticket-

  • Support and Krafties chat only
  • No taunting or abuse
  • No posting of URL's
  • For Kraftie related ads, use Connections group
  • For Kraftie craft or battles, use Craft & Battles group
  • PG rated chat please

Krafties Official - Connections[edit]

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Krafties Official - Connections


Want to buy, sell or trade your items or advertise your locations and events? This is the group to do it!

  • Krafties related information only
  • Events must be exclusively Krafties
  • Keep ads 10 lines and under.
  • Check ad size here
  • 1 ad per hour- NO bots!
  • Taunt, abuse or excessive spam- not tolerated.
  • Please keep language PG.
  • Crafting and battle requests go in Craft & Battles group
  • Only Second Life and Krafties related links allowed
  • You should join the Connections group when you want to sell or buy within the Krafties community

Krafties Official - Craft & Battles[edit]

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Krafties Official - Craft & Battles


Need help crafting- or are you available to help craft?
Want to organize a PVP battle?
This is the place to do it!
Please keep in mind that those posting reserve the right to request specific levels at their crafts or battles on any other sim besides an official Krafties sim.

You can ask for assistance in this group for Crafting sessions or PvP battles

  • ONLY post ads for crafting and battling assistance.
  • NO posting of sales, trades or markets.
  • Keep your assist requests brief.
  • NO taunt or abuse will be tolerated.
  • Please keep language PG.

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