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Map of Crafties showing the Rez Areas in green and the Crafting Hangout

The action of "Rezzing" means creating new prims or dragging items from inventory and placing them inworld (such as the ground)

  • Everything you see visually on Second Life is rezzed, even your clothes, but people are usually referring to the action of rezzing.
  • It depends on the settings of each sim, if you can rez there or not.
    • Most places require you to have a certain group active so you can rez in their land

Rezzing on Krafties Island[edit]

To rez within Krafties Island you need to be within the designated areas while having the Krafties Official as active group
  1. Find the Rez Area
  2. Have the Krafties Group active
  3. Rez your items within the area
    • Remember to clean up after yourself (take your items back when finished)

Rez Areas[edit]

Krafties sim provides designated areas where players with the Krafties group can rez their items (as long as it's Krafties related).

  1. Crafting Hangout is a big rez area for Crafting purposes
    • Please do not rez things unrelated to Krafties
  2. Battle Arena is a big rez area for Battle Temples
    • Please do not rez Home Temples for fighting wilds, there are plenty of them for public use on the island.
  3. Rez Areas by each of the Elemental Temples
    • These small rez areas are meant for rezzing Starter pet for new players
  • If you are really worried about where the Rez area begins and ends, you can always make your viewer see "property lines" (somewhere under "World" in the top menu bar)

Troubleshooting for Rezzing[edit]

I tried to rez my item (no-copy) but forgot to wear the Krafties group, now my item is gone!
  • You need to relog, the item should appear in your inventory again when you come back online.
Im wearing the Krafties group, but I cannot rez Shadows or anything from HUD!
  • If you were wearing your Necessity Pack before you wore the Krafties group, then your items might still be "rezzed" under previous group.
    To fix this, you can simply re-attach your Necessity Pack while wearing the Krafties group

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