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Mining Rock shop vendor

Mining Rock on Marketplace Price 225L while in Beta
Rock Mines were introduced to offer an alternative method of obtaining resources using Mining.

Rock Mines reward many different types of materials and items and are available at the main Krafties sim to mine from or purchase for your own location.

When a player begins to mine a Rock Mine for the first time, they become the mining leader. Mining leaders become responsible for Critical hits (if critically mining) and will receive the gathered materials and items. Assisters will be rewarded with experience but cannot claim the mined materials or critical hits.


  • There is no limit on players that can mine per rock.
  • Rock mines will continually rebuild after cooling down.
  • There may be possible features to temporarily disable cooldown on Rock Mines in the future.
  • You can own as many Rock Mines are you like.
  • Anyone wearing a Pickaxe can mine from anyone's Rock Mine

Rock States[edit]

Ready (white)[edit]

  • When a rock is available to mine, it will appear with a WHITE outline.
  • Multiple players can mine the same rock, but only the Mining Leader will receive the Loot
    • The first person to strike the rock will become Mining Leader (the rock will tell you in local chat)
  • You can mine it when white, or wait for Critical Chance

Critical Chance (yellow)[edit]

The rock's outline will turn yellow and sparkle to indicate a critical chance. If you manage to hit the Mining Rock quick enough when this happens, it will sparkle white to indicate that you struck a critical hit. Waiting for the critical chance is a good way to mine, because critical hits earn you more experience and is better for your pickaxe.

Overheating (black)[edit]

  • Overheating happens randomly. The mining rock will turn BLACK and smoking.
  • If you hit an overheating rock this will damage your pickaxe and give you a warning. Continuing this will result in an broken pickaxe.
  • You cannot make any progress while the Mining Rock is overheating

Cooldown (red)[edit]

  • After you have reached the core and retrieved your loot, the Rock Mine will go on cooldown and has a RED outline .
  • Cooldown lasts for 60 seconds and the mine will slowly regain its shape.

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