Protecting the Integrity of Krafties

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Krafties has set out to not only build a fun and engaging game, but also a fair and stable secondary market which allows our players to build a dynamic economy tying into our core gameplay loop. Players are able to buy and sell a variety of in-game assets from each other and earn credits with real, tangible value. As such, we take any abuse of this system incredibly seriously.

If any player-account is found to be using an aspect of the game that violates the integrity of Krafties, such as abusing features or exploiting bugs, we reserve the right to take any action we see fit. Currently, anyone using an unreported exploit will have their account stripped and be banned for a variable amount of time, the duration of which will depend on the severity of the exploit. Krafties reserves the right to leave any ban in effect permanently.

Krafties does not permit the use of automated tools being used during gameplay for any reason. The use of such programs will result in permanent bans which will not be lifted under any condition.

In addition, the use of multiple or excessive alts is highly frowned upon by Krafties. "Alt-like" activity includes:

Obtaining daily energy on alts
Obtaining high amounts of xp in an 'unconventional way
Transferring inventory items between players
Amassing guild gifts

Krafties reserves the right to address any alt-like activity in a manner we feel is appropriate. "Alt-like" activity is activity on an alt that uses aspects of the game to gain benefits- outside of normal game play.

If an individual continues to commit infractions across multiple accounts, Krafties may be forced to take action outside of our virtual community in order to protect the integrity of our secondary market and the business we work so hard to run!

Thank you for helping us create a thriving, fair community of positive like-minded players!

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