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Radiation effects Special Traits

The increased radiation caused by the appearance of uranium seems to be doing strange and exciting things to the Krafties, releasing new abilities and aspects that have been locked away, dormant all this time. As your creature’s radiation level increases (an attribute that can be viewed by selecting the creature in the Home App) the chances for a successful mutation (the gaining or losing of a special trait) also increase. The radiation level will slowly decrease over time, or can be drained away in an instant using a special mushroom that feeds on radiation.

In order to harness these radioactive powers effectively, a handler can craft Radioactive Candies (to temporarily buff their creature, and increase radiation) and Radiation Shrooms (to absorb any excess radiation from the creatures when the time comes to end the mutation process). These new recipes have appeared in the crafting temples, ready to aid your Kraftie’s development into something new and powerful. These traits will prove extremely useful if managed correctly. Some provide the power of increased experience, while others make your creature smarter or physically stronger. And some do even more zany, exotic things.

But be careful! Not all mutations are beneficial, so you’ll want to be very cautious with how you proceed.

Radioactive Candies work as follows.... You will need to consume 2 full rounds of Radioactive Candy (5 or 6 each round), then 2 extra. It takes approx 14 Candies to get you to EXTREME. Once you are at extreme, you should only need to consume 1 additional candy every 4 or so minutes to keep the extreme level. There is no need to consume another full round (5 or 6) to keep your Kraftie at extreme.

Radioactive Candy[edit]

Radioactive Candy.png Radioactive Candy
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 10
Energy Cost
50E (Gold: 37E)
Additional Information
Crafting Experience: 12 Timer: 5 sec.

Radiation Shrooms[edit]

Radiation Shroom.png 3 Radiation Shrooms
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 10
Energy Cost
150E (Gold: 113E)
Additional Information
A mushroom that absorbs radiation! Feed it to your Kraftie to clear its radiation level.
Crafting Experience: 37 Timer: 5 sec.

Nuclear element[edit]

Creatures of the Nuclear element maintain a constant level of radioactivity, continually mutating and changing. Infused with a strange power, Nuclear types exhibit interesting new abilities never before seen.

Krafties symbol nuclear.png Nuclear soul, requirements
using the Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients Required Elements
linked to temple
Overall level ?
1x Uranium

Any element

Energy Cost
500 energy (375 if Gold)
Additional Information
Crafting Experience: 200 Timer: 120 sec.