Wiki Bounties (Earn In-Game Rewards!)

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This page contains a list of tasks where information in the wiki needs to be updated or pages need to be improved. Players can earn in-game rewards for helping us with the wiki!

  • Please help us find outdated info and add it to this list so we can update it
  • Be sure to use the Help Section for assistance and guidelines on how to edit the wiki.
  • Use [[Page Name]] to directly link to the pages within the wiki. Remember it is Case Sensitive.
  • If you think some task should take priority (important information to gameplay), please use <u>text</u> to underline it.

Content that needs to be updated/added[edit]

Permanent Bounties:[edit]

These are tasks which will be repeated as new content gets added to the game. If you complete one of these tasks, please contact the Krafties team to let us know! We will review your work, and then the corresponding transferable energy will be rewarded to you.

Task Description Payout Amount
Create a new species page and fill in its information, with a picture of the wild kraftie 500E
Create a new element/soul type page and fill in its information, with spells listed 500E
Create a new species coat page and fill in its information, with a picture of a wild version of the coated kraftie. Link to the coat page from the main species page 500E
Upload a nice photo of a bonded kraftie type (with no attachments) that isn't yet on the wiki, and link to it on both the corresponding species and element pages 200E
Create/fill in all applicable fields of a crafting recipe 100E
Set/update an inventory item image 50E

Specific, One Off Bounties:[edit]

These are specific tasks that need to be completed in the wiki. Players are encouraged to add to this list. For every task in the list accepted by an Admin, the player who has submitted the task will receive 25 Transferable Energy.

When adding new tasks, you only need to worry about the Task Description and Submitted By fields. The rest will be filled in by an admin when/if the task is accepted.

Task Description Submitted By Admin Accepted? Payout Amount Completed By
Need updated images in the Inventory App page Krafties Resident Yes 500E SeyLov Resident
Create chart of Victory Points on the Victory points page Krafties Resident Yes 1,000E