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Did you mean Krafties Creatures?

Krafties is a full immersive fantasy pet MMORPG based in Second Life.

The game involves an adventure where you catch your own species of pet called a Kraftie, and empower them with souls you have crafted. Once bonded, the creatures gain specialized battle and crafting skills which you can use to defeat wild creatures or other player owned Krafties.

There are no specific objectives of the game, as it is designed to allow players to choose their own goals while interacting with the creatures and other players. Players can train their Kraftie(s) to become dominant warriors, take on challenging quests and tasks, or craft a wide variety of items and addons which can be resold to fellow players.

Krafties started development in January 2012 and is an open ended MMORPG which plans to extend to a web version and lots of updates in the future.

Legends tell of them: Gremlins, Imps, Gnomes, and fae folk.
Creatures said to have been born of the cosmic energy that forged the universe...
...They once walked in secret... shadow... ...but no longer.
Many have been called from throughout the earth, chosen by some unknown entity to become handlers. These individuals have bonded with creatures of amazing power and given the responsibility: To train and battle!
Congratulations handler! You are one of the chosen to become part of the world of Krafties!
Krafties is a new amazing, completely immersive FREE MMORPG adventure game. You craft souls which can be bonded to the creatures you catch to empower your cute creatures to battle and dominate the world of :*Krafties. Craft and battle your way to power.
  • Train and make your creatures strong to dominate all those who dare!
  • Battle with your clans and friends upto 10v10!
  • Endure massive battles and tournaments with clans and friends!
  • Adventure in the wild to catch rare species of creatures!
  • Watch your creatures evolve into mature and powerful partners!
  • Create and Join clans for experience and other benefits!
  • Enjoy a realm of quests and achievements and earn points to exchange for items!
  • Battle strong NPC monsters/creatures alone or with friends for amazing loot drops!
  • Meet new friends and do co-operative tasks!
  • Craft items and addons to empower your creatures or resell to fellow adventurers!
  • Resell all creations and creatures!

Krafties Second Life Accounts[edit]


Krafties is the account of the Krafties Game and is used to deliver items from the Krafties Store, Updates and other things. If you see that name then you know it's official.


KraftiesWelcome is a bot which Krafties uses to invite people to the Krafties Official Group so they can fully experience the Krafties Island and community

Krafties Official Products[edit]

  • Krafties guarantees and supports items that are created and sold directly by Krafties Resident.
  • If you encounter a problem with a Krafties Original product- please ask for the assistance of a Moderator in Krafties Official group chat or submit a support ticket at
See Krafties Official Products for more information