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The Krafties Store is located on Krafties Island, where you can buy all essential game items. But you can experience all the features of Krafties without the need to buy anything.

The Krafties Store on Krafties Island.


When Purchasing Items for your Krafties adventure, there are a couple of ways to do that.  :The first is through the Official Krafties store located on the Krafties Main Sim and via the Shopping App. The Second is "After Market" or through a third Party.  :Krafties is proud that third parties create and distribute Items for the Krafties creatures, however they only guarantee those Items purchased through the Official Store.  :So enjoy your Krafties and should you decide to purchase " After Market " or third party Items for your Krafties, Remember Oh hearty Adventurer . . . " Beware the Buyer ". :Items sold from the Official store are delivered by Krafties.Resident

Krafties Store in-world[edit]

The store is located on the Krafties sim and houses our Krafties Official Products.

Temples (Transferable)[edit]

* Crafting Temple * Battle Temple * Home Temple * Giant Temple :;See Home Temple Distribution Validator about purchasing Home/Giant temples

Useful Items[edit]

* Standard Capture Net * Silver Membership (1 month card) * Gold Membership (1 month or 6 months cards) * Energy Well (a miniature Energy Fountain) * Rock Mine


* Creature Attachment Designer * Energy Capsule

Freebies & Various scripts[edit]

* Krafties Shirt * Krafties Energy API (script) * Krafties Spell Reseiver API PACKAGE (scripts) * Net Animation Emulation Script

Shopping App[edit]

You can now buy the following items directly from the Krafties HUD with the new Shopping App without having to visit the sim.

Official Products[edit]

*Energy *Membership *Home Temples and Giant Temples *Crafting Temples *Standard Capture Net *Mining Rock *Flash Events

Player Market[edit]

The Shopping App allows you to locate items sold by other players *Bonded/Unbonded Creatures *Souls *Items

The Update Area[edit]

Behind the shop is a platform where you can find items required for the game and updates. *Latest version of the Necessity Pack *Krafties Soul/Unbonded/Bonded/Item Packages  ;Items for Updating pre v4.0 Krafties *Krafties Updater v4.03 *Krafties Updating Pad v4.0

Krafties Marketplace[edit]

Krafties has a SL marketplace, the following items can be bought there * Creature Attachment Designer * Battle Temple

See Also[edit]

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