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Shadow Creature is often referred to as just a Shadow.

A shadow creature is the dark essence of a Kraftie that can be made manifest as a mirror image of your pet. The shadow creature has the same stats and natural abilities as your own and can prove to be a challenge to your pet in combat.

Battling a shadow creature can be a useful tool in leveling up your own creature, since you'll be fighting a creature of equal level to your own. It also provides a quick demo to others as to how combat with Krafties occur.

Summoning your Shadow[edit]

Make sure before you summon your shadow Kraftie that you are in a rez area or a sim that will allow objects to be placed.

  1. Click on your attached Kraftie to bring up the dialog menu.
  2. Choose “Rez Shadow” from the menu to summon your shadow.
  3. When the shadow creature is summoned, click on it and choose “Attack” to engage in combat.


  • Shadows will be an exact clone of the summoner's Combat level
  • Depending on your levels, this may be a great way to gain much more experience than other methods of training
  • Shadows cannot be caught
  • Other players can be allowed to battle your shadow
  • Shadows do not drop Items (loot)

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