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were you looking for Krafties HUD (troubleshooting)?

HUD stands for Heads Up Display, App stands for Application

The Krafties HUD v4.045
Apps: Home, Inventory, Shopping, Creature, Guilds, Voting
"Preparing App", written on it are some instructions
The inbuilt "google translate"

The Krafties HUD is one of the Necessity Pack items, you cannot play the game without it.

  • It allows you to manage your Krafties Creatures and Items though various Apps.
  • All Loot and Unbonded Creatures are automatically added to your HUD (with confirmation in local chat)
    • Contents of HUD are kept on a external server, so the items within it cannot be lost even if you loose your HUD and get a new one.
  • The Apps themselves are actually webpages viewed within the HUD windows, so be sure to enable media on your SL Viewer

How to wear your Krafties HUD[edit]

  1. To wear your HUD, unpack your Krafties - Necessity Pack v4.05
  2. Right click the folder and "add to your current outfit"
    • This will attach your Creature Attachment, Tool:Right Hand, and Krafties HUD v4.05 to your avatar
    • The "Creature Attachment" is the object that will morph into your active Krafties creature
    • The "Tool:Right Hand" is that object that will morph into either your Standard Net or Pickaxe or Dragon Binding Sword
    • The HUD will attach to the top left corner of your monitor. You can add the hud to any location on your monitor. Just detach and click "Attach to hud" , then choose desired location to attach HUD



This wonderful creation is full of bells and whistles and is quite different from the UI (user interface) of your v2.2 HUD. As with anything new, it will take some time getting to know your way around the HUD, and getting the "feel" of how to use it. Have patience. After a couple of "test drives", you should be comfortable enough to take this baby around the Grand Prix race-track with ease! EAGER TO GET STARTED?

  • This will take a little practice. The HUD is interactive and the more practice you have at opening the various apps and features, the better you will get. It will become second nature.

Customizing HUD layout[edit]

App Windows
The layout of your app windows is as follows:
  • Bar across the top of the window lets you Move the windows. You click on this bar and drag the App to any location on your screen. The color of this bar varies between Apps.
  • Grey icon (top right) - Minimizes the window
  • Red icon (top right) - Closes the window
  • Grey icon (bottom right) - Clicking and dragging this icon will resize your window. Your entire screen will appear faded. This happens during the resizing process. It will disappear when you let go of the icon.
Re-attaching the HUD will reset the Apps. Useful when you cannot reach or find open apps.
Customizing the HUD itself
  • Notice: If you want to move the HUD itself, please DO NOT change the "HUD Attachment Point" (this will cause the HUD to flip around). Just "edit" the HUD and move it to a new location on screen.
  • The individual Icons under the KRAFTIES logo act as the icons do for your cell phone apps. You can click them and drag them to any desired location on your monitor.
  • If you wish to customize the size of the actual HUD, click the Krafties logo and you will be given an option to resize the HUD via a pop up menu.

Loading your Apps[edit]

The HUD needs to have media enabled to display the Apps, so be sure your SL Viewer settings have media enabled.
  • When you first open any App, you will see "Preparing your app...", this is the default appearance.
    • Click the app to begin loading it (might have to click it twice).
    • If you cannot interact with the app after it's loaded, try touching the ground or sky before clicking the app again.
    • If you cannot get app to load at all, then "enable links" to view the apps within a browser instead.
  • Moving between sims can break the App link, simply closing the app and re-opening it should fix it.
  • If you are having trouble opening the apps.. they are going white and back to "preparing your app" - click all 4 of the apps to open them, separate them on the viewer, then click each of them to open. This seems to get them to open and load faster. This may need to be repeated a few times.

Enabling links (Viewing Apps within Browser)[edit]

Some of our Krafties Adventurers might have troubles loading the HUD Apps. If you are encountering this issue, follow these directions:
How to Enable Links for Apps
  1. Click the Krafties Logo on the HUD
  2. Click "Enable Links"
    • this option will allow you to view and interact with your apps in the SL browser or an external browser.
  3. Close all HUD Apps by pressing the red button in the corner
  4. Now if you open any App, it will open in a browser instead of the HUD
  5. WORD OF CAUTION- DO NOT SHARE THE LINKS THAT APPEAR IN LOCAL CHAT WITH ANYONE. If you do so, they will have access to your HUD, thus the ability to remove and/or manipulate all items in your HUD. Krafties will not be held liable should your HUD links be shared.

Translation Options[edit]

There has been inbuilt into the apps a translation option ("google translate") which you can choose from a large list of languages in the top right corner of the app.
  • This translation feature is not perfect, but it might come in handy

List of Apps[edit]

List of Krafties Apps: Opened through the Krafties HUD


The Krafties app

The Krafties App when you open it at first. It gives you easy access to the

You can swap between them with the "change app" located in the bottom left corner of the App.


The Home app

This app contains your

View Krafties Home for more information


The Inventory app

This app contains your

View Inventory for more information

CREATURE App[edit]

The Creature app

This app displays your active pet's statistics

  • Levels
  • Spells
  • Experience
  • Random events (gifts and buffs) appear in this app
View Creature App for more information

GUILD App[edit]


This app allows you to form guilds with other players

View Guilds for more information

SHOPPING App[edit]

The Shopping app

This app allows you to buy items, both official and from other players

VOTING App[edit]

Voting app.png

This app allows you to vote for future Krafties Creatures that might come along

Other Apps: Opened through in-world objects

CRAFTING App[edit]

The Crafting App

You open this App by touching the Crafting Temple

  • Drag your ingredients onto the black area, then choose "Craft Item" or "Craft Soul"
View Crafting for more information


The Enchanting App
View Enchanting for more information

ALCHEMY App[edit]

The Alchemy App
View Alchemy for more information

PACKAGE App[edit]

The Package App
  • Opened through Package boxes
  • This app allows you to interact with packages, be it to unpack them or put things into them.
View Packages for more information

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