Home Sweet Home (quest)

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Completing the "Home Sweet Home" quest will earn your active pet the Alchemy spell


About Dinkie[edit]

As the Sun sets once more on the Kraftie Lands, a shadow emerges from the Sea shore. Bedraggled and rumpled he staggers into the Square by the Fountain and slowly lowers his weary body to the cool stone. Looking Dazedly at the Temples and marketplace, he decides THIS will be a wonderful place to begin once more to build his life and Home . . . .

Help Dinkie rebuild his life and home in Krafties Land.</pre>

Dinkie: "My friends and I call ourselves blah blahs. We come from the same land as all the Krafties around these parts..."

Completing the Quest[edit]

You will need in your Krafties HUD:

What to do[edit]

  1. Find Dinkie in the Battle Arena on Krafties Island
  2. Talk to Dinkie and ask for the quest
    • Dinkie will explain he has lost his hatchet and he wants you to find it for him.
  3. Search all around the Krafties island, near the big elemental temples. The hatchet is in random places.
  4. Once you have found Dinkie's hatchet, touch it.
  5. Now go back to Dinkie, click Quest! and tell him where his hatchet is.
    • Dinkie will request you to give him 10 Logs.
  6. Having the 10 Logs in your HUD, click quest once more then click give.
  7. This quest can only be completed once per creature per visit to the main sim.
  8. If the alchemy spell doesn't show for your pet, please go to the Krafties main store, click the blue prim in the doorway and reload your spells. If that still doesn't give you the spell, contact a Moderator

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