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Coupons allow you to craft without spending Energy on the Crafting Recipe.

  • There are coupons for 8 different recipes of consumable items.
  • Simply drag ingredients as you'd normally do to craft the item, and then add the Coupon with
  • You get Coupons as Loot when you defeat Wild Creatures
  • You may also get coupons from the presents in the Creature App.
  • You do not get any Cooldown when using a coupon when crafting


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These pieces of paper will allow you to craft without spending energy, as long as you add it to the ingredients. They are available for craftable food and potions
  • You use normal recipe and then add the coupon to craft it without Energy
Loot N/A Consumable N/A
Craftable N/A Alchemy Not
Enchanted N/A

Coupons for Consumables[edit]

You have to add the correct Coupon with the rest of the ingredients, else you will spend Energy.


Cherry Pie[edit]

Chocolate Chip Cookie[edit]

Chocolate Cake[edit]

Attack Potion[edit]

Strength Potion[edit]

Defense Potion[edit]

Combat Potion[edit]

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