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There are 4 types of Prestige rankings:

  • Combat
  • Mental
  • Crafting
  • Overall

Prestige is the status of your pet, and shows your achievement. As your creature gains more experience and levels, they will evolve into more powerful and dominant creatures. Prestige status changes each 10 levels and can be seen in your Stats. The overall prestige levels only appear briefly in local e.g.

Whats New leveled up to level 20!
Whats New has increased in prestige!

This level is important in Guild Achievements and subsequent rewards.

Prestige Status[edit]

  • Level 1-9 = Normal
  • Level 10-19 = Super
  • Level 20-29 = Elite
  • Level 30-39 = Super Elite
  • Level 40-49 = Master Elite
  • Level 50=50 = Legend

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