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40px-Edit-clear.png This page needs to be fixed up, now it covers both capturing wilds and capture net information.
Krafties Standard Net.jpg
How the net looks like

The Capture Net allows you to capture wild creatures in order to create more pets.

Using a capture net[edit]

The Capture Net[edit]

The Capture Net
  • The Capture net has unlimited uses
  • The also works good in "Mouse View" (When you press M on the keyboard, then you just click the left mouse-button)
How to equip the Capture Net
  1. Locate your Capture Net in the Inventory App
  2. Select it and click "Use Tool"
View Tools and Standard Capture Net for more information

How to Capture Wilds[edit]

  1. Have your Capture Net equipped
  2. Battle with the Wild Creature to lower it's Health
    1. Touch the Wild Creature you wish to capture
    2. Click "Attack"
      • To stop the battle anytime, you can touch the Wild creature and click "Stop Attack" (useful when you're afraid you'll defeat it instead of capture)
  3. When it has taken enough damage (has low health), try capturing it
    1. Stand close to the Wild Creature
    2. Swing your net (by clicking the ground or sky) to try capturing it
  4. You will see message in local chat, telling you if it was captured or resisted capture
Tactics when Capturing Wilds
  • You can catch Wild Creatures that spawn from any Home Temple
  • You cannot capture Bonded Creatures or Wild Giants
  • Your best chance of capture is when a wild creature is at least down to half health or lower (they will not give up that easily)
    • You can see on the individual species pages details on how low their health needs to be before you have a chance of capturing it

Customizing your Capture Net[edit]

All types of nets function the same, but you can use crafting to customize your standard capture net.

Capture Net (Tiny)[edit]

Standard Net.png Capture Net (Tiny)
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 1
Energy Cost
10E (Gold: 7E)
Additional Information
  • This will craft a Tiny net- and be inserted into your HUD.
Crafting Experience: unspecified Timer: 15 sec.

Capture Net (Invisible)[edit]

Having a "Invisible Capture Net" will hide the item and disable it's animations. This allows you to wear custom objects with unique animations with the Net Emulation Script (view details under Extras).
Standard Net Invisible.png Capture Net (Invisible)
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 1
Energy Cost
10E (Gold: 7E)
Additional Information
  • This will turn your net invisible, so it does not appear on your avatar when used
Crafting Experience: unspecified Timer: 15 sec.


Custom Net: "Net Emulation Script"[edit]

This script will allow you to make your own custom net with the Invisible Capture Net. The script can be found near the updaters in the back of the Krafties Main store
  1. Create your own customized net
  2. Drop in the Emulation script and your own animation into the net you created
  3. Wear the custom net that you created as you would any object
  4. Activate the Invisible Capture Net in your Inventory App
    • Now your customized net will function just like normal Capture Net as you play the game


  • Using mouselook while capturing wilds can be useful, it lets you view the wild creature up close and simply need to click the mouse to make it swing the net.
  • You can enable mouselook by simply pressing M on your keyboard, or zooming/scrolling all the way into your avatar (while camera is in default position, pressing ESC will reset camera position to default). To exit mouselook, simply zoom/scroll out or press M again.
Stop attacking
  • You can always touch the wild creature that you were attacking and select Stop Attack, this is useful when you have lowered their health enough to capture and do not want to accidentally kill it before capturing.
Wild crowd
  • If the wild creatures are cluttered together, it can make it difficult to capture the intended target. Using mouselook in this situation can be handy to position yourself to better catch the one you want
Hunting for specific species
  • Leaving the range of the temples and creatures (chat range: 20m radius) will make all spawned creatures derez themselves. This can be used to remove unwanted creatures when you do not have the ability to delete them yourself (only owner of the temple can manually delete the wilds that spawn from it). If they do not disappear, then either someone else is within their range or you didn't move far enough away.

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