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If you have not been playing the game since 2014, then you might want to check out the Updating guide for pre v4.0 on how to get your old Krafties pets and game items onto the new system.[edit]

This page should be used for any extended information about updates and how to stay current with the game.

What is the latest version of things?[edit]

These are items located in your SL invnetory that need to be up to date so you can play the game.

The Necessity pack basically updates itself (sends you the latest version when worn if needed)
If any of your temples are older than v4, then you might want to check the Updating pre v4.0 Krafties guide.
Latest versions of Game items
Necessity Pack 4.x
Home Temple 4.4
Giant Temple 4.4
Crafting Temple 4.0
Battle Temple 3.0
Mining Rock 4.03
Energy Capsule 4.0
Latest versions of Distribution Validators (vendors)
Home Temple Distribution Validator
Giant Temple Distribution Validator
Crafting Temple Distribution Validator
Battle Temple Distribution Validator
Mining Rock Distribution Validator
Latest versions of other items
Attachment Designer 4.01

How to update the Necessity pack[edit]

Since the Necessity Pack is essential to the Krafties game, it is important to use the latest version.

  • Simply wear your current version of the Necessity Pack, it will automatically check the server if there is a newer version.
    You will be sent a new Necessity Pack if there is a newer version available
  1. Find a place that allows you to Rez your package
  2. "Copy to inventory" the new Necessity pack
  3. Remove your old Necessity Pack from avatar
  4. Add the new Necessity pack to your avatar
  5. You may delete the pervious version of the necessity pack

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