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Giant beetlie next to a normal wild Beetlie
Giant Wild penglin casting a Mental spell
"Mouse-over" info shows that this Rexie has 40 Current Health, then lists their Skills (those zeros are not skills)
Wilds is short for Wild Creature

These Creatures spawn from the Home temples. They seem to appear out of pure curiosity towards our world, coming through the Home Temples from another dimension. They do not stay if nobody is near the temple or when defeated by trained Krafties Pets. They can also be captured by the Adventurers with Capture Nets.

Types of wild creatures[edit]

Normal wilds[edit]

These are normal sized and can be captured, they spawn exclusively from home temples

Wild Giants[edit]

  • Giants Wilds are larger versions of the normal ones that emerge sometimes from home temples or exclusively from giant temples. They are a lot tougher in combat than their smaller relatives.
Giants, those Massive Mythological creatures from the Darkest depths of ancient times, beings designed to test the prowess of Master Fighters, and the commitment of groups to each other in the heat of battle. These fearsome beasts arise but rarely and when they do it is to lay waste to any unprepared Adventurer. Rumors abound in regards to weather they are temporary or if they too shall become aids in the fight for all existence. For now, all that is known about these Ancient creatures is that they are Larger, stronger and far harder to kill than their smaller counterparts.
  • Giants can spawn randomly from normal Home Temples, and reliably from the Giant Temples
  • There are a few loot items that drop exclusively from Giants.
  • You cannot capture Giants, only the normal wilds.

Metal Wilds[edit]

Metal Krafties have appeared, and they’re tough! These powerful monstrosities randomly spawn from Home Temples, waiting to be challenged by worthy opponents.

  • They appear in all species, and in three different power levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Take them down solo, or team up to begin your collection of special Kraftie victories.
  • After spawning, these guys will only hang around for five minutes. If they’re defeated in that time period, one player will be chosen from the team of attackers and be awarded an experience bonus and receive a mark in their Player Profile that denotes the species of the creature and the power level. Solo players will always receive the XP boost and player profile mark for themselves, of course, but it may prove to be a risky endeavor!
  • Your player profile will proudly display your victories against these titans.
  • Once all 3 of the basic metals have been defeated for say a Rexie then you are able to create a Platinum charm that will summon a Platinum version of the wild that is even stronger than the other 3 doing massive damage and giving massive victory points when killed, a mark in the player profile will note any platinum killed as well.

Apple Wilds[edit]

Also known as "Bot Target"
These are dummy base creatures who have been specifically named and should not be attacked, their hover text will state "Wild Dummy Creature (BOT TARGET. DO NOT KILL!)". This is so people know not to attack them, they will only appear if you have been battling/training your kraftie for a long period of time and do NOT have any scripts in which are different from the any other wild you face.

Fighting Wilds[edit]

The Wilds do not actually die when you defeat them. You are actually sending them home where they came from, showing them who's boss. They drop an item in the process which you can collect.
  • You can actually see the stats of wild creatures by viewing their description (which can be seen if you hover your mouse over them)
    • First number in description is their Current Health (Can view the Krafties Scripting API for more technical info)
  • The level of a wild is a indicator of their challenge rating, below that you can see their Combat Level and Mental Level
  • Just fighting a wild will earn you experience for every Combat spell that hits
  • Defeating wilds in battle will earn you Loot
  • There is a visible difference in particle effects depending on if the wild is casting a Combat spell or Mental spell
    • Be careful if it casts a Mental Spell, if it Debuffs your Crafting to negative levels it will have the side-effect of you earning negative Experience when using a Healing spell (meaning you loose exp instead of earning it). Best just to not use Healing Spells until the debuff wears off.

Capturing Wilds[edit]

You can capture normal wild creatures and turn them into new pets. A captured creature is called unbonded creature in your inventory and needs to be bonded to a soul in order to wake it up. But to capture them you will need to have a Capture Net equipped.

View Capturing wild creatures for more information

The spawning temples[edit]

Wild creatures spawn in places where you find their Home Temples To spawn wild creatures you will need to have a home temple or a giant temple

Wild Aviaa infront of a Home Temple.
A Home Temple sending out energy to spawn a wild creature
What can you do with Spawning Temples?
  • You can rez the temple at your home sim for private training sessions in lower lag areas.
  • You can demonstrate the game to others by dropping your portable home temple in your friend's sim and show them how the game is played.
  • Combine multiple temples together for groups to work on group farming and experience.
Keep in Mind
Temples with "Center of your Krafties World" in it's description are not Krafties Official Products and are therefor not supported (in other words, they are fakes created by abusing glitches in the game).  They were acquired from the After Market
The description of real Krafties Temples are their unique #ID number

Home Temples

What Spawns from Home Temples?

Each home temple spawns 2 random wild creatures, usually ranging from level 1 to 5 and higher levels on Wild Giant.

  • When a creature is about to spawn, the temple will emit a beam of light (which can be disabled in the settings)
  • When a wild creature is defeated or captured, the temple will respawn a new Wild after a few moments
  • The level of a wild is their challenge rating, and below that you can see the Combat Level, Crafting Level and Mental Level of the creature.
  • Wild Giants have a change of spawning from any normal Home Temple and exclusively from Giant Temples
How do I get a Home Temple?
To buy Home Temples, you need to use the Home Temple Validator which is a vendor you can rez anywhere you have permissions to.
See Home Temple Distribution Validator for more information

Giant Temple

Home Temple next to a Giant Temple
Giant Temples function the same as Home Temples, with only slight differences in what they spawn.

These Temples are designed to Spawn only the largest and Fiercest of creatures. It will Spawn only 1 Giant at a time, however, with their power and hunger for destruction, would you WANT more than one at a time?

  • Note: the recipe to Enchant a Home Temple to become a Giant temple is not currently available
Obtaining a Giant Temple

To Obtain a Giant temple:

Using the Home/Giant temple
  1. Make sure the sim you are in allows objects to be rezzed. Low script lag sims are preferable. Make sure that when you use your temple that you are not disturbing others; you want to entice people to play, not annoy them.
  2. Rez the Temple in a nice open area, preferable on ground level. Creatures will spawn at the same ground level coordinates. Try to avoid obstacles that the creatures might spawn inside.
  3. Once the temple rezzes, wait about 20 seconds. The temple will then generate a column of light and particles, triggering the spawning.

Temple Settings

When you touch your home/giant temple, you will get a popup menu, with the following options:
  • Spawn on/off: This controls if the temple spawns creatures or not.
  • Hide/show: This toggles the visibility of the temple, turning it invisible/visible
  • Loot on/off: This option enables/disables loot droops from creatures spawn from this temple
  • Particles on/off: This option turns the particle-beam off or on (when temple is hidden, it is off by default).

Wild Element[edit]

Wild Element
Krafties symbol wild.png
Craftable Soul? No
PvP Elemental Enemies
Strong against N/A
Weak against N/A

Like all other elements, Wilds have their own symbol. Even though players cannot create wild souls, it's still very prominent creature element in Krafties.

Wild/Unbonded Gallery[edit]

Wild Krafties Creatures[edit]

Aquatic Krafties[edit]

These coats are only available through fishing and the Fishing Center App in the Krafties HUD when viewing in web links.

Enchanted Creatures[edit]

Enchanted creatures are created instead of captured

Limited Creatures[edit]

Birthday Limited Creatures[edit]

These coats could only be captured during the Birthday Week Celebration.
The Pandaire(Frosting) coat was available during the 6th Birthday Celebration Week and the Vulpup(Frosting) during the 7th.
The Baloofle coat was available during the 7th birthday week celebration through birthday gifts. Like limited editions, they came with all 5 naturals, but came in both affinity and non-affinity.

Exotic Coats[edit]

Aquatic Exotic Coats[edit]

These special coats can be caught by fishing or through the fishing app in the tanks.

Limited Edition Adaptive Coats[edit]

These coats were available for a limited time on the main sim for 1000L$. As Adaptive Coats, they would adapt to the soul's affinity they are bonded with.

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