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How the elements mix, creating the Hybrid Elements

The Soul decides the Element of your Krafties Creature. Spells are also embedded with elemental forces.

  • Some elements are not obtainable as souls, such as the Wilds Neutral spirit, or the Dark element which is part of certain Spells


  • You can own unlimited souls
  • Souls do not expire if unbonded
  • Souls are bonded to creatures only
  • Souls can be transferred, given or resold

The Elements[edit]

Basic Elements[edit]

These are the basic elements, which most other elements are based on

Krafties symbol fire.pngKrafties symbol water.pngKrafties symbol wind.pngKrafties symbol earth.png

Hybrid Elements[edit]

Krafties symbol sand.pngKrafties symbol ice.pngKrafties symbol lightning.pngKrafties symbol plant.pngKrafties symbol volcanic.pngKrafties symbol steam.png

Special Elements[edit]

Special elements have unique abilities which are not found in other elements

Krafties symbol affection.pngKrafties symbol dark.pngKrafties symbol light.pngKrafties symbol mind.pngKrafties symbol nuclear.pngKrafties symbol rainbow.pngKrafties symbol vampire.pngKrafties symbol winter.png

Other Elements[edit]

.These are a few elements that are NOT obtainable/craftable as a Soul

Krafties symbol wild.png

Limited Elements[edit]

These come attached to Limited Edition Krafties pets, their soul cannot be extracted (it will result in a broken pet and HUD)

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