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Glowing pets, introduction picture to elemental affinity on Krafties Blog
Elemental Affinity on the Home App are indicated with elemental icons (here you see Mind and Lightning affinity)

What is Elemental Affinity?[edit]

It refers to a unbonded having a special bond towards a certain element, and if the Element of the soul matches the Elemental Affinity, then it will cause the pet to Glow.
  • If the elements of body and soul do not match, or the unbonded has no such affinity, then the pet will not glow.
    example: a unbonded rexie has has Fire affinity and you bond a Fire Soul to it, the pet will glow
  • If your SL viewer does not render glow then you will notice the difference.
That is all it does for most pets, but Vampires seem to be able to make better use of elemental affinity that might not match it's soul. Vampires can learn the first combat spell of that element, but it will not glow because it's Elemental affinity still doesn't match it's soul.
  • Any elemental affinity is rare for any species. Though certain Krafties species are more associated to certain elements, making those specific elements more common for that species.

How do I find out the Elemental Affinity?[edit]

  • You can see it in your Home App. If there is a elemental icon next to the creature then it means they have that elemental affinity
  • On your Active pet, you can also see it with the Pet Menu when you click "Stats"

What Elements are most common/rare?[edit]

Finding any Elemental Affinity among the Unbonded is always rare, but certain elements tend to appear more often than others when it comes to certain Krafties Species
  • To find a creature with both elemental affinity and high Natural Abilities is even rarer.

Krafties Species & Elemental Affinity[edit]

Keep in mind that with the large number of elements available does increase the equal rarity of them all, but certain elements seem to have higher chances of appearing in certain Krafties Species
  • Any Element of Elemental Affinity can be found in any species. These are the most common Affinities for each species
Elemental Affinity associated with Species
Species Elemental Affinities
Rexie Fire, Water
Aviaa Wind, Water
Beetlie Earth, Water
Hopster Earth, Fire
Pumpkie Water, Earth
Lunaris Fire, Wind
Felion Mind, Affection
Eggsie  ?
Pandaire  ?
Spyrron  ?
Tusker  ?
Lupix  ?
Penglin  ?
Fuffit Mind, Earth
Blizzkin  ?
Stufflie  ?
Racsune  ?


  • If a Vampire soul is bonded to a body with a different elemental affinity than vampire, the vampire can learn the first combat spell of that element. But it will not glow.
  • Starter Pet can have a Elemental Affinity just like any random Unbonded. If it does not match the element of the soul, then it won't glow.


  • The lighter their color, the brighter they glow.
  • They are simply glowing versions of normal pets colors

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