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These are temporary effects on your Krafties Pet's stats, caused by Mental Spells, Potions and Amulets. You can see what currently affects your pet by looking at it's Pet Stats under "Item/Spell Effects"

  • Buffs or Boosts have positive effects on the stats by increasing them by various amounts.
  • Debuffs have negative effects on the stats by decreasing them, able to bring them down to negative numbers
  • You can view the Creature App to see what Buffs/Debuffs are currently in effect, if any.


  • Negative Crafting: side effect of having Crafting debuffed to negative percentage is that when you use a Healing spell, it will cause you to loose crafting Experience instead of earning it. Advise is to simply not use healing spells while the debuff is in effect (it's temporary).

Buffs (Positive effects)[edit]


Touch the Amulet to view it's effects and remaining time.
  • These can be crafted and worn by the player, which will give your active pet extra boost in skills associated with the amulet type
    • Only one amulet can be worn at a time, previous one will automatically detach itself.
  • Amulets usually last for many hours (even days), which only counts down while worn/rezzed.
  • Amulets have varied effect strength, usually between 10% - 50% (sometimes higher).
    • Combat Amulets always have the same effect and duration (10% for Attack, Strength and Defense, and lasts for 3 hours)


  • These can be crafted and consumed by the Krafties Pet for temporary buffs, what skills are effected depends on the type of potion
  • The effects vary in strength when crafting


  • Some Mental Spells are made to enhance stats in order to help your teammates out in combat
  • Combat Spells of certain Elements can buff the caster while dealing damage to target

Minigame Buffs[edit]

There are a handful of little minigame events that will reward you with boosts for your pet if completed.

  • When you are on Krafties Island, you might sometimes notice Balloons floating up into the air. If your pet pops them (by simply touching the balloon once), it will gain small buffs, (3% per trait aside from HP per balloon, pop 5 15% added to ATT, STR, etc), which last for 30 minutes, long enough for the next batch of balloons to appear, although they may be early or late the timer is random, but usually around 30 minutes plus or minus 15
  • The Elemental Torches will give the ruling element random Experience points
  • The Creature App has alot of these random events happening, so keep an eye on it

Debuffs (Negative effects)[edit]