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Mental Spells have the ability to temporary Buff/Debuff the target, effecting their Stats.

  • These Buffs/Debuffs are TEMPORARY, you can view your Creature App to see if your pet is buffed/debuffed.
  • Mental Spells are always manually cast by touching the target and choosing "Cast Spell" (some can only be cast on self)
Spell Name Effects Element Type
Buffing Spells (Positive)
Cultivate Buffs caster's Attack, Strength and Defense Plant
Excite Buffs the target's Strength Affection
Protect Buffs the target's Defense Affection
Stimulate Buffs the target's Attack Affection
Fusion Buffs the target's Attack and Strength Nuclear
Party Pop Buffs All the target's traits Neutral
Debuffing Spells (Negative)
Compel Debuffs target's Crafting and Defense Vampire
Daze Debuffs target's Attack
Debuffs the caster's Defense
Disorient Debuffs target's Defense Neutral
Hypnosis Debuffs the target's Intellect, Focus and Fortitude Mind
Steam Mirage Debuffs target's Attack, Strength and Defense Steam
Contaminate Debuffs target, weakening them over time Nuclear

Notes about Debuffs[edit]

  • When your Hitpoints skill gets debuffed and you take damage, your health can go below 0 points (the higher the debuff, the lower it can go) and you will have to heal up from a negative number.
  • If your Crafting skill gets debuffed (negative % percentage), it will effect your Healing Spells and heal for negative crafting Exp (meaning you loose Experience instead of earning it)

Wilds Creatures & Mental Spells[edit]

A Wild Penglin casting a Mental Spell

The Mental Spell that Wild Creatures cast debuffs all stats with random percentage (depending on the caster's Mental Level).

  • When a Wild Creature cast a mental spell, the particle effect looks different than when casting Combat Spells.
  • The higher the mental level, the more likely it is to cast mental spells
    • Any wild creature can cast a mental spell, the lower levels are just less likely to do so
  • The Mental Level indicates how strong they are in that area, High levels can give you strong debuffs
    • If the creature casts many Mental Spells in a row their effects can stack together, able to cause crippling debuffs.

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