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Combat Spells are important when Battling because they cause the damage

  • Some Combat Spells of Vampire and Mind elements have added effects that can Buff/Debuff either caster or target
  • These spells are learned on certain Combat levels

List of Combat Spells[edit]

Not all Combat Spells can be used as "active battle spell" (view table below for more detail)
  • There is no cooldown on the spells used for "Active battle spell"
  • You set the active spell in the Pet Menu under the "battle" section.
Spell Name Element Type "Active Spell"
Low Damage
Bubble Blast Water Yes
Bullet Seeds Plant Yes
Drain Vampire No
Enrapture Affection Yes
Flamethrower Fire Yes
Gust Wind Yes
Ice Throw Ice Yes
Lava Flow Volcanic Yes
Overheat Steam Yes
Psybeam Mind Yes
Rock Throw Earth Yes
Sand Storm Sand Yes
Static Shock Lightning Yes
Vamp Fire Vampire Yes
Alpha Wave Nuclear Yes
Medium Damage
Blizzard Ice Yes
Consume Vampire No
Engulf Fire Yes
Eruption Volcanic Yes
Lightning Strike Lightning Yes
Mindslash Mind Yes
Sand Punch Sand Yes
Spores Plant Yes
Steam Punch Steam Yes
Wave Water Yes
Whirlwind Wind Yes
Beta Wave Nuclear Yes
High Damage
Arc Blast Lightning Yes
Explode Fire Yes
Ice Impale Ice Yes
Molten Shower Volcanic Yes
Rock Slide Earth Yes
Sand Stab Sand Yes
Steam Stab Steam Yes
Vines Plant Yes
Vortex Wind Yes
Whirlpool Water Yes
Gamma Wave Nuclear Yes
Severe Damage
Lava Barrage Volcanic Yes
Sand Barrage Sand Yes
Shock Barrage Lightning Yes
Snow Barrage Ice Yes
Steam Barrage Steam Yes
Meltdown Nuclear No

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