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Stats is an abbreviation of statistics

Skills or Abilities are the stats of your pet, you can level them up by earning Experience which directly effects how well your pet does in Crafting, Combat and other activities.

There are also some Player skills, which are unaffected by your active pet.
  • Skill set level is always rounded up to the nearest whole number (example: 17.66 becomes 18), before being calculated into overall
  • Pet's hover text displays the skill set levels and overall, can also be viewed with Pet Stats.

Where do I see these Stats?[edit]

Creature App
  • This App lets you see all the Skill details of your Active Pet, and the experience it earns.
Pet Menu
  • "Stats", It will show you all the Active pet's details in local chat
Home App

Krafties Creature Skills[edit]

Skill levels are always rounded up to the nearest whole number
Skill Description
Combat Skills
  • Also known as Accuracy. Increasing your creature's attack level will improve their chances of scoring a hit in combat.
  • This does not affect how much damage is routinely dealt, just the ability to hit the opponent. It does, however, effect minimum damage which enemy defense cannot reduce the damage done from the hit.
  • Strength is your creature's physical prowess, determining how much damage they can inflict as well the maximum damage possible.
  • This determines the creature's ability to absorb damage, reducing their overall loss of hitpoints.
  • Hitpoints is the Health of your creature and measure how much damage your creature can take before they can no longer fight. The more hitpoints your creature has, the longer they can last against tough opponents.
  • Hitpoints regenerate over time, but eating Food and using Healing spells will recover them faster.
  • The Health can be seen as a orb above the creature's head, only visible when the creature has taken some damage.
Crafting (Healing) Skill
  • This skill is directly connected to the ability to use the Crafting Temple in order to create items. The higher the skill, better the chances at creating quality items.
  • Crafting can also called a Healing Skill since it decides when your pet learns Healing spells and how much it heals
Mental Skills
  • It is like Mental Strength
  • Intellect determines the force of your mental spells. Similar to strength, the higher this level the more effective your mental spells are.
  • It is like Mental Attack
  • Focus determines the chance of success hit with your mental abilities. Similar to attack, the higher this level the more chance of striking a successful mental attack.
  • It is like Mental Defense
  • Fortitude is your ability to defend mental attacks. Similar to defense, the higher this level the more chance of you defending a mental attack.

Skill Sets[edit]

  • Combat skills effects how well your pet does in a fight.
    Calculating Combat Level: (Attack + Strength + Defense + Hitpoints)/4 = Combat Level
  • The mental skills of your pet can change your strategies in battle, since mental spells can either buff or debuff the target, which effects their stats.
    Calculating Mental Level: (Intellect + Focus + Fortitude)/3 = Mental Level

Overall Level[edit]

  • Calculating Overall Level: (Combat Level + Crafting Level + Mental Level)/3 = Overall Level
  • A creature's overall level is the average combined level of the creature's experience. The Overall Level decides what souls you can craft

Choosing Battle Style[edit]

The Battle Style you choose for your pet decides how the Combat experience spreads (It is set to All Round by default)
  1. Touch pet
  2. Click "Battles"
  3. Click "Battle Style"
  4. Choose a style.

Player Skills[edit]

  • These are skills that are not effected by what pet you have active
  • To earn more experience in these player skills, simply do more of it.
Skill Description
  • The Enchanting level decides what items you can create
  • You earn Enchanting experience when you are enchanting
  • The Mining Level decides what kind of Pickaxes you can use
  • It also decides how hard you hit the Mining Rock
  • You earn mining experience when you are mining
  • The Fishing Level decides what kind of [Fishing Poles] you can use
  • It also decides what rarity of fish you can catch
  • You earn fishing experience when you are fishing

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  • Mental abilities are new skill set that were introduced with version 3.0 and offer a different type of attack for a strategic victory. There will be many ways to improve your mental levels, from special npc loot drops to alchemist item experience conversion spells.