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A soul in the Home App

The Soul decides your Krafties Creature element and are essential in the awakening of a Krafties Pet.

Soul Stats[edit]

There are different ways to get your own Soul, although they are all created by Crafting. Depending on the elemental types of the people who craft, this will determine the type and attributes of a soul.

Before bonding a soul to a creature, it will have unique attributes:
You can see the specific levels either in the package or in the HUD

These attributes play a key role in how powerful your creature will be, once bonded. All souls are elemental, and will evolve your creatures in different ways. Different souls have different attributes which is determined by the crafting levels of the creator(s).

See Skills and Levels for more information

Crafting Souls[edit]

You are able to craft souls using a Crafting Temple. The creation of a soul is a group activity in Krafties for a few reasons:

  • You need other people to link to your Crafting Temple in order to boost your chances of crafting higher level souls,the more the merrier.
  • You reward those who assist in the crafting with Crafting Experience, which is why people are very willing to help you out.
See Soul Requirements for more information

Extracting Souls[edit]

This option allows you to remove your pet's Soul so you can bond it to a different Unbonded, but it destroys the original body.
  • You will lose your current Kraftie after the soul is removed
  • This will cost 1000 energy
  • There is no limit on how many times you can Extract your Krafties soul
  • Extracted souls behave like any other soul: they can be bonded to any Unbonded as normal
How to Extract a Soul
  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Bonded Creatures" section
  3. Select the Bonded creature you wish to extract the soul from
  4. Click "Extract" (the bottom option)
    • It will warn you that it will cost 1000E and destroy it's body.
    • To cancel, simply click outside the white popup window
  5. Click the "Extract" confirmation button to proceed
    • Your extracted soul will appear in your souls section

Bonding Souls[edit]

Bonding a soul
Bonding is when you combine a soul with a Unbonded Creature to create a pet.
  • The levels of the soul will become the levels of your Bonded Creature
    • The levels of the soul can be trained further once it has been bonded to a creature
  • The Natural Skills of the creature act as a permanent buff to boost it's abilities
  • The Soul decides the element of the Bonded creature
  • If the Unbonded Creature has a matching Elemental Affinity to the soul, then the pet will glow
  • You can always re-bond a soul to a different creature by Extracting the Soul, but that destroys the original body (along with the Natural Skills) and costs 1000E

Strategy for Bonding[edit]

There isn't any right or wrong way to bond a soul, it all depends on your plans for the pet. What do you want in your ideal pet?
  • To balance your bonded creature, you would aim to have high soul stats where the creature was lacking
    • Example: if the Unbonded had high level of Strength, you would bond it to a soul with high levels in Attack.
  • It is also considered good to have souls with high Mental and Crafting skills, since those skills are more difficult to train than Combat skills.
  • Some people aim for the glow of Elemental Affinity rather than strong Natural Skills

How to Bond a Soul[edit]

  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Souls" section
  3. Select the soul you wish to use
  4. Click "Bond"
  5. Locate the Creature you wish to bond the soul too
  6. Drag the Soul on top of the creature
  7. Click "Bond!" (button will appear below "Show More Creatures")

Converting Souls[edit]

Any crafted soul can be converted back into Energy through the Home App. This is a great way to harness energy from Souls you have crafted which you may not want to use.
  • You will receive 100E per soul converted
  • You can convert as many souls as you like. There is no cap
  • When converting a Soul to Energy it should be noted that the Energy used to create the Soul is the Energy you will receive, i.e. if 50% NonTrans Energy and 50% Trans Energy is used then the same Ratio will be returned upon conversion.
How to Convert a Soul
  1. Open the "Home App" on the Krafties HUD (house icon)
  2. Open the "My Souls" section
  3. Select the soul you wish to convert into Energy
  4. Click "Convert to Energy"
    • You get No Warning, so be sure if you want to convert.
  5. Your soul has now been turned into Energy

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