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The Home app
Creature Attachment loading your Active Pet

The Krafties Home App allows you to manage your creatures and souls

Browsing the Home App[edit]

When you have alot of creatures or souls, you will need to click the "Load More" button to view the next page.
  • Each page can show you 10 creatures
  • The page number can be seen in the corner next to the "load more" button
  • You can see the ID, Type and Level/Stats of the creature or soul on the list, but to see more info you will need to select it and click "Stats"
  • If the creature has Elemental Affinity, you will notice a elemental icon next to that creature on the list

Transferring Creatures/Souls[edit]

You can exchange Bonded/Unbonded and Souls to other players through the popup windows with a new "Transfer"
  1. Select the Creature/Soul you wish to exchange
  2. Click "Transfer"
  3. Write the Recipient's name
    • You write their username, not the optional display name.
  4. Click "Transfer"
  5. Now the creature/soul has been transferred to it's new owner.
    • A notification will appear in the recipients local chat window

My Bonded Creatures[edit]

  • All your Krafties Pets will appear in this section, Bonded Creatures
  • Pets with a Elemental Affinity are easily identified by the elemental icon on right of each listing.

Activate Pet[edit]

How to Activate pet
  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Bonded Creatures" section
  3. Select the creature you wish to activate
  4. Click "Activate"
  5. Wait for your "Creature Attachment" to transform into your chosen pet
    • When your pet appears, then you are ready to play.

Rezzing your Pet[edit]

If you want to have your pet walking around, you can simply rez it
  • If you rez your Active pet, it'll deactivate
  • If you Activate a pet you've rezzed out, it'll de-rez itself
  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Bonded Creatures" section
  3. Select the creature you wish to Rez
  4. Click "Rez"
  5. Wait for your rezzed pet to load itself (acts the same as when loading on Creature Attachment)
  6. You can simply delete the rezzed pet if you want to remove it, it is still inside your Krafties HUD
If you touch your rezzed pet, you can adjust it's settings:
  • Distance: how far can it wander from home point
  • Set Home: marks it current location as "home"
  • Hide Text: you can show/hide the hover-text information
  • Wander: lets your pet walk around
  • Animations: this will decide if the pet animates (moves its body)

Naming your Pet[edit]

  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Bonded Creatures" section
  3. Select the creature you wish to name
  4. Click "Set Name"
  5. Write the name of your pet into the box
    • It will not understand special characters (example: á, í, æ, þ)
  6. Click "Confirm"

Extracting a Soul[edit]

This option allows you to remove your pet's Soul so you can bond it to a different Unbonded, but it destroys the original body.
NOTE: If you're wishing to keep the pet the soul is currently in please do NOT extract the soul, as the pet will not be retrievable afterwards
  • The Krafties Soul Extractor is a great way to have the ability of removing a soul from a bonded Kraftie you own. The soul then becomes usable in a different unbonded Kraftie.
  • You will lose your current Kraftie after the soul is removed
  • This will cost 1000 energy
  • There is no limit on how many times you can Extract your Krafties soul
  • Extracted souls behave like any other soul: they can be bonded to any Unbonded as normal
How to Extract a Soul
  1. REMOVE ALL AMULETS AND TALISMAN BEFORE EXTRACTING. If you do not, you will lost those items upon extracting. They CANNOT be retrieved.
  2. Open the "Home App"
  3. Open the "My Bonded Creatures" section
  4. Select the Bonded creature you wish to extract the soul from
  5. Click "Extract" (the bottom option)
    • It will warn you that it will cost 1000E and destroy it's body.
    • To cancel, simply click outside the white popup window
  6. Click the "Extract" confirmation button to proceed
    • Your extracted soul will appear in your souls section

My Unbonded Creatures[edit]

Releasing Unbonded[edit]

  • If you do not want to keep the creatures you have captured, then you can simply "release" them (this will remove them from your HUD)
How to Release Unbonded Creatures
  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Unbonded Creatures" section
  3. Select the Unbonded Creature you wish to release
  4. Click "Release"
    • Now your creature has been released back into the wild

My Souls[edit]

Bonding a Soul[edit]

How to Bond a Soul
  1. Open the "Home App"
  2. Open the "My Souls" section
  3. Select the soul you wish to use
  4. Click "Bond"
  5. Locate the Creature you wish to bond the soul too
  6. Drag the Soul on top of the creature
  7. Click "Bond!" (button will appear below "Show More Creatures")
View Souls for more information

Converting a Soul[edit]

  • This is a great way to harness energy from Souls you have crafted which you may not want to use.
  • You will receive 100E per soul converted
  • You can convert as many souls as you like. There is no cap
  • When converting a Soul to Energy it should be noted that the Energy used to create the Soul is the Energy you will receive, i.e. if 50% non - Trans Energy and 50% Trans Energy is used then the same Ratio will be returned upon conversion.
How to Convert a Soul
  1. Open the "Home App" on the Krafties HUD (house icon)
  2. Open the "My Souls" section
  3. Select the soul you wish to convert into Energy
  4. Click "Convert to Energy"
    • You get No Warning, so be sure if you want to convert.
  5. Your soul has now been turned into Energy
View Souls for more information

Player Profile[edit]

  • Here you can view your Mining and Enchanting levels and keep track of your Metallic Creature defeats

Password Security[edit]

We have added a set/change password feature (in Necessity Pack v4.01)
  • This allows you to secure your Krafties account and access your creatures in the future with or without SL.
  • The password is stored in an encrypted manner, and its suggested not to use the same password you use for SL
  • The password feature is accessible in your Player Profile Menu. Simply click the button and follow the prompts.

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