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Questions about Krafties[edit]

How do I start playing?[edit]

Krafties is completely free to get started, although you can buy souls, creatures, items, and addons from other people if you wish. To get your first free creature, follow the instructions below:
See Join Krafties for more information

Krafties is free? Are you kidding?![edit]

No, we are not kidding. You can play the whole game completely free, although you can purchase energy to enhance your experience. We give energy gifts every day which you can claim in order to battle, craft, and enjoy the adventure.

Where are all of your products/items?[edit]

Some special items can be found in our shop, but almost every single item in this realm is craftable by you. Simply use your "Crafting Temple" to craft any item you like. The ability to craft stronger, rarer items is unlocked as you level up your crafting skill, so the more you craft the better your items become!
See Krafties Store for more information

Questions about Gameplay[edit]

What is a Crafting/Battle Temple?[edit]

Link your active creature to a crafting temple to begin crafting a multitude of items and souls. A battle temple tracks you/your team in battle when facing off against another player/team of players. Battle temples are not needed when fighting NPC creatures.
See Crafting Temple and Battle Temple for more information

Can I only own 1 creature?[edit]

No! You can own as many as you like, and rez as many as you like inworld. Though, you may only have one active creature at a time to battle/craft with.
See Krafties Pets for more information

Do Krafties breed? Is Krafties a breedable?[edit]

Krafties do NOT breed. At least for now.
  • From the start of Krafties development we have been certain that we do not want to copy everything else in Second Life. It’s time for something new, and that’s what Krafties is!
  • We have designed Krafties to be completely flexible, and we could easily implement fully genetic breeding later on in a short time frame. Krafties is a completely revolutionary gaming system, and the last thing we want to be known as is “just another breedable”.
  • If we were to implement breeding later it would be recognized as a small part of the big adventure, rather than just another pet that breeds, sleeps, and eats.
  • There are many new and exciting things to enjoy in Krafties. Unless people like us take a risk, there will never be any innovation in Second Life.

Do Krafties creatures eat and sleep?[edit]

Again, we are setting new trends. Krafties creatures are insomniacs (just like their developers). They will always be ready to play, battle, craft and quest whenever you are. Wild creatures that you catch will be idle, and may seem asleep until you bond a soul (which you have crafted) to them. Once bonded, they will evolve into that type of creature and will always be awake and active.
  • Krafties creatures do not need to eat to survive. There will be food which creatures can consume but this affects their hitpoints, not hunger. Creature do consume excess energy hourly, although there are no consequences if their energy levels become low, and there are plenty of alternative methods of storing energy. Energy capsules, energy balls, HUD’s and creatures all store energy. Energy is mainly needed for crafting and battles.

Do Krafties creature run away or die?[edit]

No. Creatures are eternal and will outlive humanity. They are empowered with eternal souls and are born survivors.

Will Krafties only be available in Second Life?[edit]

We have ambitious plans for the future and have designed Krafties to be completely unique, not just in Second Life but also on the Web. We have all the technical ability to bring this to many different platforms, and that’s what we plan to do!
  • For now our sole focus is bringing Krafties to Second Life, making it as fun as possible for all the residents.

Questions about Market[edit]

What exactly can I resell?[edit]

We have taken extra care to design everything to be resell-able. Creatures can be caught and resold, items that you craft can be resold, souls you craft can be resold, and even energy can be transferred.
  • Everything revolves around your creatures' skills, abilities, and attributes. All of these vary from common to rare to give a stable, sustainable secondary market.
See After Market for more information

Can I create my own third-party addons?[edit]

Yes. Again we have gone to our best effort to make this sort of stuff possible, with great ease and flexibility. We will be rolling out our own simple, yet powerful flexible KScript language in the near future which will allow developers to create third-party addons which can be resold or used personally.
See Krafties API for more information

Questions about v4 update and HUD[edit]

  • Where can I get the new HUD?
    Please visit the area behind the Krafties main store to get all the items needed for the 4.0 udpate!
  • Will I be able to still use my old HUD?
    No. Everyone will need to transition to the new HUD.
  • What's this about "Old" and "New" HUD?
    "Old HUD" refers to the v2.2 HUD, "New HUD" is the current v4 HUD


  • How much loot/items will the new HUD hold?
    The new HUD is designed to hold an unlimited amount of Krafties loot/items. If the loot/item is designed to go into the HUD, there will be room for it.
    What happens to all of the inventory in my Old HUD?
    It will be auto- transferred to the new HUD. We will take care of that for you. No need to rez items and transfer. There will also be an updating pad that you can rez your items on to- and then click to convert to your new HUD.
  • What if i don't want all of my Old HUD inventory to go into the new HUD?
    It will all automatically transfer. There is no ability to pick and choose what goes in. You can remove items from your new HUD by putting them into Packages.
  • What about my amulets, potions, alchemy and enchanting tablets? Will I be able to add them to the new HUD also?
    Yes. We will provide the necessary means to add/convert those items to your new HUD.
  • What do I do with all of the Krafties loot I have stored in my inventory or in boxes?
    That loot will need to be rezzed and converted so it can be moved into the new HUD. You will have an updating pad where you will rez your Krafties loot (as much as the pad will hold at one time) and it will be automatically sent into your new HUD. You can also start loading your Old HUD now with the loot you currently have, and when the time comes Krafties will automatically transfer it over to to the NEW HUD for you.
  • What if I don't wear my new HUD when I am battling wilds. Will I receive loot?
    No. You need to wear your hud to receive loot while battling wilds.
  • Once the new HUD is released- how will I add new loot I receive?
    New loot is automatically added to your new hud. There is no need to rez and click loot to add to your HUD.
  • What if I dont want ALL of the loot to go into the HUD? I have soo many eggs I could eat omelets for the next 20 years!
    All loot gets automatically added. If at any point you have an abundance of loot that you don't want- or loot that you don't want to collect at all, you will be able to rez a "Vendor" and remove that item from your HUD completely.
  • How will I consume/use the loot in my new HUD, including scrolls?
    Loot and scrolls will be consumed directly from the HUD. No need to rez and click anymore.
  • Can I still sell/trade/give my items?
    Yes you will still be able to sell your loot and Krafties items. A new vendor system will replace the boxing systems and rezzable loot that you currently have in place for sales. There will be no loot rezzed inworld anymore. Trades, sales and gifting will be done via vendors. The vendors can be set for sale, via a menu you get when you click them, or the entire vendor can be set for sale as an object. Vendors are also transferable through inventory- making it easy to trade and gift your items.
    There is also a "transfer" feature to give creatures/souls directly to other players without the package

Unbonded, Bonded and Souls[edit]

  • How will I add my bonded Krafties, unbondeds and souls to the new HUD?
    We will provide the necessary means for you to add/convert your bondeds, unbondeds and souls to your new HUD.
  • How will I sell my unbondeds and bonded pets?
    You will load them into a vendor- which is similar to the boxing system you use now to sell your bondeds, unbondeds and souls. The person buying them will rez the vendor, unpack it and the items will go directly into their HUD.
  • Can I still rez my Kraftie inworld so it can run around?
    Yes. all creatures will be rezable from your HUD to wander around. They may not be marked for sale and sold though as rezzed creatures.
  • If my pets are in my HUD- How do I wear them?
    You will receive a creature attachment tool which is worn on your avatar. You activate a pet from your HUD, and it will activate inworld. You can toggle worn pets from your HUD. Simply select the pet you want to wear, click the button to activate- and it appears. Pets will appear as being worn just the same as they have in the past.
  • How do I see what unbondeds, bondeds and souls I have if I cant store them in boxes and/or rez them?
    Your HUD displays each and every unbonded, bonded and soul you own. All stats for each will be displayed clearly in a list- and from there you can select an individual item and view all of its stats
  • How do I bond souls now?
    there is a bonding option in the HUD. You can select the soul- the unbonded and simply click and drag to bond
  • When I craft a soul- do I need to rez it on an update pad to get it into my HUD?
    No. Souls that are crafted are auto added into your hud.
  • Will we be able to see the stats of the soul thats crafted- considering the souls are sent directly into the HUD when crafted?
    Yes. The stats of the crafted soul will show above the crafting temple for everyone to see.
  • If we cant rez souls inworld anymore, how will we convert them to Energy?
    You will be able to convert souls to E right in your HUD. The Soul converter will no longer be utilized.

Packages (VENDORS)[edit]

preview image of the Vendors
  • Will the vendors cost anything?
    No. they are free to all Krafties members
  • Are the vendors "copy"?
    Not at this time. They are no copy and once they are unpacked they can not be used again.
  • Do they rez from the HUD?
    No. They are a physical object that you will rez from your SL inventory.
  • How many prims are the vendors? Will they affect the prim useage in markets?
    The vendors are 2 prim, 1PE... meaning the package will only take up 1 prim on land.
  • Can I customize the vendors with my own textures?
    The vendors are able to be customized. You can change the color of the vendors "frame" as well as the interior texture. We have also added the ability to add your own custom texture to 2 sides of the vendor.
  • How will I sell my items in the marketplace?
    You will send your items in vendors that will be unpacked.
  • Will we still be able to use the "gatcha" machines?
    Yes. You simply load the machine with the vendors as an item. The person receives the vendor and unpacks it.
  • I have a Krafties market, can my sellers still rez items to sell?
    They will rez vendors now instead of actual items. Many of the items that are currently in the markets are sold from boxes with hovertext that people can pay for and take, or from actual vendors. The "look" of markets may change slightly, but the new vendor system will not in any way close down the awesome markets that we have all been visiting.
  • What information will the vendors show?
    They have appropriate text above them in floating text, showing all relevant information about the creature/soul/item
  • Can I sell multiple items of the same kind in one vendor?
    Yes. All items of a type can be loaded and set to sale on a per piece basis. If there are 100 eggs in a vendor for 1L each, and you pay it 5L, you get 5 eggs and the count is reduced from 100 to 95. You can also load vendors with individual items.
  • Can I set the package itself for sale as an "object", rather then selling it piece by piece from the package? ?
    Yes. You can either sell your loot items for sale on a "per piece" basis via the package, or you can edit the package as an object in SL, and set it for sale in the viewers "edit" window.
  • Can I unpack a vendor that has items in it and rez the items inworld?
    No. Any item that can be placed in a vendor gets sent to the vendor from your HUD, and when unpacked it goes directly back into your HUD, or the HUD of the person you sell your item(s) to or transfer the package to via inventory.


  • So will all items I craft be automatically added to the new HUD?
    Yes. All items you craft, all wilds you catch, all loot that you receive will be auto added. There is no more "accept/decline" option.
  • Will third party storage/boxing systems work with the new HUD?
    No. Krafties vendors will be the means to sell, transfer and store items that are in your HUD. Third party systems will not be able to interact with the HUD.
  • What about enchanting and alchemy tablets, will I still be able to rez them from my inventory?
    No. They are objects that will rez from your HUD. You will see the actual enchanting and alchemy tablets inworld an complete the activities from the HUD.
  • How do I wear my amulets and consume my potions?
    That will be done directly from the HUD. You will "activate" amulets and potions from your inventory app.
    YES! Say goodbye to the scroll policy that is still in effect! All scrolls that you loot will be added directly to your HUD. You can use them in any amount you wish, at any time, and on any pet.
  • Can we buy and sell scrolls again with the new HUD?
    YES! You will be able to sell the scrolls you loot. Rez a vendor, transfer the scrolls into it, and mark it for sale (you can sell single scrolls from a vendor or mark the entire vendor for sale). The buyer will purchase from you, unpack, and the scrolls will go directly into their HUD.
  • Can I use my vendors as storage boxes, so I can organize my inventory outside of my HUD?
    Yes. You can place your items into a vendor, not set it for sale, and use them to organize your items. You can do this with all loot, bondeds, unbondeds, souls etc.
  • Will attachments still work?
    Yes. there has been no change to how attachments are used.
    Designers will still be able to sell their attachments the same as they always have.
  • Will I have to wear my HUD to receive my daily energy from the spinner, chest, Gold Membership, and invites?
    No. The energy will automatically add to your energy account.

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