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NPC battles
Refers to fighting with Non-player characters, such as wilds and shadows.
PvP battles
Refers to Player versus player fights against other players, using the Battle Temple.
Battles menu
In the Pet Menu is Battles menu which allows you to set your active spell among other things.
Battle Temple
It is an item you rez to enable you to do PvP battles
a battle temple

NPC Battles[edit]

Fighting against wilds and Shadow Creatures falls under this category

  • Your Krafties Pet earns experience points for every hit it deals.
  • When you defeat a wild creature, you are rewarded with loot items which are automatically added to your Krafties HUD
  • Shadow Creatures do not drop loot items when defeated
Capturing Wilds
  • If you have a Capture Net then you can capture the Wilds if you lower their health first by battling with it a bit.
  • Giant Wilds cannot be captured
Assists in battle
  • Other players can help you take down the opponent if you let them, but only the one who initiated the battle will get the loot when it is defeated.
  • Other players can also heal you to keep you from being defeated by the Wilds
  • You can disable/enable assists and heals from others by entering your Battles Settings
    • You can touch the wild creature you are fighting to get dialog menu that lets you disable/enable assist in that single battle

Player versus Player (PvP)[edit]

To fight against other players, you will need to use a Battle Temple.

  • You can fight as a team when doing PvP
  • There are sometimes PvP tournaments in the Battle Arena

Battle Temple[edit]

The Battle Temple is a important object for PvP battles, where you can fight other players one-on-one or as a team. Everyone gets one battle temple as part of their starter pack and should keep them safe since they are also no copy.

View PvP battles for details on how to use the battle temple

Battles Settings[edit]

The Pet Menu settings for Battles

Assist On[edit]

  • Assists enables other players to help you fight Wilds, but only the one who started the battle will get the Loot (It is enabled on by default)
    • You can easily turn it off, so people cannot fight the creatures you are battling
    • You can always allow others to fight with you even if assists is off, by touching the Wild and choosing "Allow"

Spell On[edit]

  • Spell On allows other players to cast spells on your pet, such as heals or buffs.
    • You can disable this option if you do not want others to heal your pet in battle

Battle Style[edit]

  • The Battle Style decides how your Experience spreads among the Combat Skills when you are battling.
  • Hitpoints gets trained no matter what Battle Style you choose
All Round
This style will spread the experience evenly among the combat stats: attack, strength and defense
This style will put all experience into Attack
This style will put all experience into Strength
This style will put all experience into Defense

Set Combat Spell[edit]

  • Even if your pet learns new Combat Spells, it will not automatically swap to the stronger spell. You will need to set it in the "Set Spell"
  • Not all Combat spells can be set as Active Battle Spell for certain elements, can view the Spells list for details

Combat/Mental Stats[edit]

Your active creature's combat levels affect, as you may have guessed, how your creature will fare in battle (either NPC or PVP). Powerup items and and a creature's natural skills all play into how hits and damage are calculated in battle, so it's best to play to your active creature's strengths when choosing which stats to train.

Before entering battle you can use your active creature's main menu to choose a "Battle Style", which is the stat that your gained experience will go to. You can choose to train Attack, Strength, Defense, or all of these at once (All Round). On top of the experience type you choose, a small amount of gained experienced automatically goes towards increasing your Hitpoints level.

View Skills & Levels for more information

Elements in Battles[edit]

Krafties Battle Cycle
Each Kraftie element has it's special strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Some are even specialized in boosting their teammates or cursing their enemies.
It is up to you weather you wish to harness the powers of the Universal Mind or tap into the Strength and raw physical power of the Ages. Choose wisely for the fight has only now TRULY begun.

When one Kraftie goes to deal damage to another, it's not only the combat stats of the two that come into play. Certain types of Kraftie have their own elemental strengths and weaknesses. It's important to note the elemental type of Kraftie you're facing off against, as it may have a chance of dealing critical damage to your creature. If this is the case, you're creature also has a chance of dealing minimized damage during the battle. This plays an important role in team battle strategy.

Elemental Weaknesses[edit]

If you have a fire type creature, be wary of water. Likewise if you have a water type creature you should not face off against an earth type opponent. Wind creatures deal critical damage to earth types. Fire deals critical damage to wind type creatures. The illustration below shows the elemental weaknesses:

Fire > Wind > Earth > Water >

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