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There are a few types of "Affinities" which is brought up in the game. They all describe a bond, such as between creature and owner, or creature and element.

Types of Affinities[edit]


A Krafties creature's mental connection and rapport with their handler is defined by Affinity. The higher the affinity, the stronger the bond between the creature and its handler, which can be beneficial in various ways.
Affinity determine several cooldown durations on special ability and powers, the most of which have yet to be determined.
  • Affinity is measured from 0-100%
  • Rises when worn, falls when not worn
  • Affinity is constantly changing based on the activity of the handler and his creature.
  • Stops rising if creature is worn by idle player

Elemental Affinity[edit]

It refers to a unbonded having a special bond towards a certain element, and if the Element of the soul matches the Elemental Affinity, then it will cause the pet to Glow.
View Elemental Affinity for more information

Species Affinity[edit]

Not a implemented feature yet

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