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Rarity Common
Obtained Capture Wild ~20% HP
Natural Skills
Attack 4
Strength 4
Defense 32
Hitpoints N/A
Crafting N/A
Intelligence N/A
Focus N/A
Fortitude N/A

Beetlies are an insectoid type of Kraftie, resembling Beetles. This particular species of Krafties sports a hardened carapace, giving their species a much more formidable defense than other Krafties. Their naturally stubbornness also makes them somewhat harder to capture than other Krafties. Despite their natural defenses, a bonded Beetlie exhibits a fierce loyalty and devotion to their handlers, and can become a powerful ally in battle, able to absorb more damage than other species.

Exploration Notes[edit]

  • The Beetlie is very specialized in defense
  • It is rather difficult to capture a Beetlie due to their defensive capabilities and stubbornness. They will not give in until their health has been brought very low, which also makes it difficult due to how easily they could be defeated instead of captured at that point.

Elemental Affinity[edit]

Front and Rear view of the beetlies


Beetlies seem to be the most colorful of all Krafties Creatures when they have been bonded to a Basic Elemental Soul

Base Elements[edit]

Hybrid Elements[edit]

Special Elements[edit]

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  • The Beetlie was first spotted on 13. September 2013
  • Designed by Kazuhiro Aridian