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Aviaa wild.png
Rarity common
Obtained Capture Wild ~50% HP
Natural Skills
Attack 32
Strength 4
Defense 4
Hitpoints N/A
Crafting N/A
Intelligence N/A
Focus N/A
Fortitude N/A

While at first wary and distrustful, Aviaa soon become one of the handlers most loving creatures if treated with care and respect. They have an insatiable curiosity of their surroundings, which is topped only by their proficiency in battle. They are natural predators, specializing in the attack skill.

Every now and then you may catch an Aviaa gazing longingly into the sky. Feathered though they may be, Aviaa are unable to fly due to their bulky bodies and appendages. Many reports, however, seem to contradict this fact. Different people all over the Krafties kingdom claim to have seen these creatures aloft against the horizon, though no hard evidence has come forth to back these claims. Speculation abounds and many feel that these little creatures may have more in them than even they themselves know.

Exploration Notes[edit]

Elemental Affinity[edit]

  • Wind and Water seem to be the most common elemental affinities for the Aviaa


Their appearance depends on the Element of their soul.

Base Elements[edit]

Hybrid Elements[edit]

Special Elements[edit]

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