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These are some terms you will hear when playing Krafties and how we use them. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


is another word for the players themselves as a part of the Krafties universe. They become a handler of their pet.
is a type of elemental affinity that adapts and takes on the affinity of the soul it is bonded to.
is a measurement of the bond between creature and it's handler
is what we call the items your Kraftie can wear as accessories
allows you to turn certain loot items into Experience depending on the type of tablet use


Bonded Kraftie
is a creature/soul that has become a pet through the bonding process
is the process of combining a soul to a creature in order to create a interactive pet


is the action of using a Crafting Temple to create certain game objects
is the waiting period until a spell or item becomes usable again. Cooldown time varies when crafting depending on the item previously crafted.


is very similar to crafting, but it makes use of the elemental spells in the process
is what the Krafties universe is made of, you use it in various ways such as when crafting
Elemental Affinity
is when creature is a perfect match for certain element, causing the creature to glow and depending on the element it can sometimes provide advantage.


are larger and more powerful wild creatures that sometimes have special loot. Giants cannot be captured.


are the creatuers which the game revolves around, they become your pets and fighters.


NPC battles
fighthing wilds and shadows


is an optional beneficial feature for the players, giving you increased daily energy and crafting discount depending on whether it is Gold or Silver membership.


Orb Mode
is a low lag mode for your pet, where it becomes a simplified health-orb above the handler.
is short for Overall Average Level of your pet
Overall Avarage
Is the


PVP battles - fighting against other players via Battle Temple


Loot are the items which you gather by defeating wild creatures or while mining


Temples are items which allow the player to interact with the Krafties universe. There are a 3 different types of temples
Home Temple, Crafting Temple and Battle Temple.
Souls decide the elements of your pets, they are crafted items which you then bond to a unbonded Kraftie
Tools are items used by the players themselves. Usage of some tools will slowly level the player up, such as when mining.
Wild creatures spawn from the Home Temples which you can capture
Shadow is basically a training dummy which your pet can summon and fight to gain Experience
Special Traits are mutations which give your pet an advantage or disadvantage in battle. They can be altered with Radiation
Tablets are circular stone altars which allow you either to do Alchemy or Enchanting depending on the type of tablet.
Unbonded Kraftie
is a captured creature which has yet to be awakened with a soul
Radiation will give your pet Special Traits