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The Natural Skills are the stats of a Krafties Creature which become a permanent Buff on your pet when Bonded.

  • Natural Stats will always stay separate from other stats and are lost when a soul is extracted.
  • They are listed as Natural Skills on the Pet Stats

A natural ability can be a bonus found on captured or bonded creatures. A natural ability appears as a bonus modifier to either attack, strength, defense, hitpoints, or crafting. They can range from a +1 to a +32 bonus in one or more of these attributes. Aviaa creatures tend to have a naturally higher attack, whereas Rexies are naturally better in the Strength attribute.

Natural abilities cannot be trained further, only the experience levels can be altered. View them as a permanent bonus.

As of October of 2021 and later in November of 2022 with the itroduction of Golden Apples, Golden Spinach, Golden Peas, and Golden Broccoli all of which raises the naturals of the pet when equipped on a power up slot on the bonded pet.

Strategies with Natural Ability[edit]

Finding an unbonded creature with a high natural ability is nice, but the idea is what to do with them. Many of these unbonded creatures can be sold or auctioned off at Kraftie sims to other players, since high ability creatures are rare. For those who want to bond a soul to them, you want to think carefully about it. Attack and Strength are the ones most common with high ability, so one should have a soul that has an equally high level to improve your creature's skill. Sure, you can train your creature's specific level, but balancing out the level and ability now would make the training easier.
  • Example: For Aviaa's, they have high attack abilities, so it would be wise to bond souls that have a high level of Strength and Defense, allowing your Aviaa to not only hit hard, but accuracy, and last longer in combat. Rexie's are the opposite in that they will have naturally high strength, so having a soul with a high attack would help them score devastating attacks on their opponents.

Natural Skill Totals[edit]

This list is based on the highest "Natural Skill Total" which these creatures have been observed to be able to have.

This is the highest combined number of Natural Skills observed on unbonded

Tortixx and Eletrixx have not been documented as of yet

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