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On Krafties Island there are several ways to engage your pet as well as other players.

It is a place where beginners can experience every aspect of the game and find company with others who enjoy the game as well.

Free Energy and Prizes

The Daily Gift Chest
The free center Spinner

Daily Gift Chest

Located within the Krafties Store is this neat little chest, which will give you free energy on daily bases. You can do two things with the Free energy it offers.
  1. Claim the energy it offers
  2. Gamble the Energy (Do it at own risk)
    • You can get DOUBLE the Energy
    • You can get HALF the Energy
    • You can get NONE of the Energy


The Spinner is located along the path to Krafties Store, A blue boards with lots of prizes. The spinner is free to use.

Sim Specific Minigames

The Elemental Torches

Minigames can reward you with buffs and gifts if you complete them.

Elemental Torches

Around the center of the Krafties sim (landing area) are 10 special Elemental Torches. They are for fun elemental competition on the Krafties sim. Any player can click ANY torch as many times as they want. There are no limits... after all, the goal is to KEEP the torches on the color of your pet's element! Invite your friends, attach the same element and click away! Team battles can be LOADS of fun, so can clicking by yourself
  • If your pet's element matches the dominant element in the torches, your pet will be given random Experience
  • Not all the torches have to be the same color to win dominance, the small black torch near one of the Elemental Torches can tell you what element is currently dominant
  • Players can order their pets to attack a torch to change it's color by clicking the torch and then casting a battle spell. Repeat with each torch around the battle area and see how many you can change to your pets element. There is a random timer that goes off, and if your element is the dominant element on the torches at that time, you will be awarded experience!

Examples of exp awarded:

Krafties Elemental Torch: You gained 105 fortitude experience from the elemental torches!

Krafties Elemental Torch: You gained 167 fortitude experience from the elemental torches!


  • The Balloons are temporary boosts your pet can gain by popping them, but only if you are the first to touch them
  • They appear every 30 minutes, and the boost they give last until the balloons appear again
  • Even if the boosts are small, they do effect the pet and its also simply fun to pop those colorful things

Activities on Sim

Mining Rocks

Mining is a player based skill, and Krafties Island has plenty of these Mining Rocks around the sim for public use, which is a good way to try out this feature. You might even want to buy one to take home with you.

Fighting Wilds

There are Home Temples and Giant Temples all around the central landing area, where you can battle wilds and collect loot in the process
  • It is considered rude and invasive to heal other player's pets without asking them first
  • People usually want to finish their own battles, even if it takes a while. So pick a fight with wilds that haven't taken any damage yet

Crafting Hangout

This is the place everyone gathers when they want to use the Crafting Temples, and it is also the biggest Rez Area on Krafties Island, but just remember to activate your Krafties Group before placing things on the ground.
Crafting is a group activity for Krafties since it earns experience for everyone linking up to the leader's Crafting Temple, so be sure to give them your thanks for choosing to share the experience in such a way by crafting in the Hangout.
  • Remember to pick up your Crafting temple when you are finished so others can craft.
  • You are not allowed to deny other players from linking to a Crafting temple based on "levels" when crafting at the Krafties Hangout Island, nor are you allowed to pick and choose "who" links to your temple. Any level and any group member is welcome to link. Being that it is a PUBLIC crafting area, all are welcome. You can though make a "request" for certain element types to link, but the results you may be looking for are not guaranteed.
  • You can "request" for certain elements to assist you in your craft, but you cannot "exclude" anyone- such as calling "only for basics". Once you drop your temple, if the desired elements don't link, you can ask if anyone wants to change to "X" element. If they don't, then you can either continue the craft or pick up your temple and try later (drama free please). Its a public crafting area, and we do allow everyone to link. The requests for certain elements is a courtesy to you, but it can't be used to kick people off of your temple.
  • If you are not willing to allow everyone access to your Crafting temple- then we ask that you find a private sim to craft on and invite who you wish.
  • As a courtesy to those linked to your temple, we ask that you let the craft run its course, thus awarding crafting experience to those who have helped you. Group members time is precious in SL and in RL, and we want to make sure that those joining crafts are rewarded for their time and assistance :)

Battle Arena

You can play with your Battle Temples in this rez area. It is also where PvP competitions will be held by Krafties Island

Elemental Temples

Ever need a different element for crafting?
Crafting sometimes has a need for a specific element when crafting souls, By clicking on the elemental temples you can change the crafting element that your Kraftie Pet represents.
The elemental change for your Kraftie Pet will last for 24 hours and does not affect your other spells and talismans.


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